Aircraft Fill / Drain Fittings

These nylon fittings weigh practically nothing and only require a 1/4" hole drilled into your aircraft to mount them. The caps and filler have a double sealing surface assuring they won't leak. You can mix and match the parts for multiple applications. A typical example would be to use one fitting for fill and the second for the vent line. This gives you a nice clean look on the cowling and you don't have to worry about the vent coming loose and bouncing around in your fuselage. If you fly at a field that requires an over flow catch tank you can use one of the extra filler fittings to quickly attach the catch tank on the vent fitting while filling the tank. A half turn twist and the over flow catch tank is detached and your ready to fly. The threads are 1/4x28UNF and are 5/16" in length. Barbs are for 1/8" ID fuel tubing. Can be used with Glow, Petrol, and Smoke.

Aircraft Fill / Drain Fittings


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