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CellLog is a multifunctional, highly precise voltage meter, weighing only 0.63oz/18g. It tells you not only the voltage of individual cells in the mV range, but also the total voltage of a battery pack, the highest and lowest voltage, and voltage difference between cells. Various alarms can also be setup with this little handy gadget. The 8S version has logging function and can be used as a voltage data recorder for your RC models.The 8M is a simplified version of 8S. It works and looks exactly the same as 8S, except being able to log through a USB port (No USB port on this unit). The pins of both 8M and 8S are both JST-XH compatible. A proper adaptor may be required for ThunderPower, Hyperion, and Kokam type batteries.

Small size with multiple functions; backlight 128x64 lattices LCD and Buzzer Tone Reminder; easy to use.
CellLog 8M measures not only the individual cell voltage of 2-8S lithium batteries, but also the voltages of NiMH, NiCd, Pb-Acid battery packs.
It can be set Individual Voltage Alarm and Pack Voltage Alarm, Overvoltage Alarm, Low Voltage Alarm, Differential Voltage Alarm and Time Over Alarm. Furthermore, the extra alarm output can be controlled by the user.
Eight sets of default monitor alarm settings,applicable to different battery packs.
Every single CellLog 8M product has been calibrated in the factory. It also supports manual calibration.
16 Mb flash memory for saving offline data up to 36 hours (only available for 8S).

CellLog 8M Battery Monitor

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