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Scale AirWheels are designed to safely absorb the shock associated with landing large or heavy model airplanes. Available in two styles, Scale Treaded AirWheels sport a modern appearance with longitudinally grooved tires.
Scale Balloon AirWheels give a more vintage appearance with smooth tires. If desired, the two-piece hub allows for hidden installation of the wheel collars. Tires inflate using a bicycle pump to a maximum of 1 bar (14 psi).

Both include high quality Delrin® adapters for 3/16" axles (can easily be drilled to 5 mm) and Delrin® adapters for 6 mm axles (can easily be drilled to 1/4"). For the rare occasion that ball bearings are needed, Scale AirWheels are available with ball bearings for 6 mm axles (adds 5 g to the weight). Includes: 1 Brass Inflation Nipple.

KAV0259Treaded Wheels4 in.1.6 in.1.9 oz
KAV0260Treaded Wheels5 in.1.8 in.2.6 oz
KAV0266Treaded Wheels6 in.2.0 in.3.5 oz

4 inch - Kavan SuperLight Scale AirWheels Treaded - Pair

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