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Tanks are made of fuel resistant PET that has been extensively tested in our models for several years. The manifolds are also PET and are produced right here in the USA by RRC HOBBIES. The carbeurator line is Excelon that stays flexible longer than other materials and has a filtered clunk. The vent and fill lines are high quality nylon. All three fittings are lined with brass tubing, for added strength, and have been flow tested. These tanks are for GASOLINE ONLY. (We are currently working on a Glow Fuel version)

We now offer 8 OZ.,12 OZ., 16 OZ.,20 OZ., and 32OZ.

We offer a limited warranty on materials and workmanship for 90 days from purchase, but are not responsible for individual use or misuse of the product.

If you have comments or requests, please contact us. We are interested in your feedback.

RRC Fuel Tanks - GAS

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