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Model: X3520-06
KV (rpm/v): 720
Non-load current: 10V/1.2A
Weight: 210g
No. of cells (LIpo): 3-6S
Max current: 55A (180 seconds)
Max power: 770W (180 seconds)
Diameter: 43mm
Length: 45mm/ 64.2mm (without shaft/ with motor shaft)
Motor Shaft Diameter(mm): 5
Prop adaptor output shaft diameter: 6mm
Internal resistance: 32mΩ
Max. efficiency current: (15-40A)>78%
Recommended prop size: 14x7 to 14x8 @ 4S; 12x6 @ 6S

Sunnysky X Series X3520 720kv Brushless Motor

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